GAMING: Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 – It’s Still A Mystery

In yet another surprising and somewhat baffling move from Scott Cawthon, has been updating over the last few days in ways that aren’t immediately visible or apparent.

Scottgames Offline 01

November 16 update (brightened)

On November 16, Scott had shut down his website, displaying only the header image and – in the center of the page – an image with the word “offline” printed on it. Brightening the image in an image-editing program revealed small text in the corner bearing the words “until next time”. (Many have noted that the alt-text on the image is “soon”, but every image on his site has had that alt-text attached for years now.)
There was a long lull in updates, wherein the fandom exploded with speculation: would this be another Five Nights at Freddy’s, or a new sequel to one of his older and less successful games? Would it be something new entirely? Was it even anything of note, or was it legitimately just Scott taking a break?

Scottgames Offline 02

December 6 update (brightened)

On December 6, the site finally got updated again. The offline image had been changed to display a large “3” in a corner, which was once again only visible if you brightened the image. In the page source, the meta tags had been changed to the words “five, nights, at, freddys, 30 years later, only one”.

Scottgames Offline 03

December 9 update (brightened)

Today (December 9), the offline image has been updated once again. The “3” is gone, but now (once again, only on brightening the image), you can find the words “Merry Christmas!” underneath the offline text. The tags have been changed to “five nights at freddys, taking a break, Merry Christmas everyone! :)”

We can’t know for certain if this really does confirm a Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, and we certainly can’t get too excited for the prospect of finding a Freddy Fazbear under our tree. But knowing Scott’s track record so far, we can look forward to quick and timely answers to our questions.

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