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Beautiful Frog is a Twine frog ownership simulator game by Porpentine about frogs! Frogs are beautiful creatures, don’t you think? Do you love frogs so much that it can be hard to think about or talk about or look at pictures of anything else? Beautiful Frog is the perfect game for you!

A frog is a beautiful creature! So noble in its smooth, moist skin like a king’s cloak! So prideful in its gracious hops! So humble in its mournful croak! We love a frog more than almost any other critter in the domain of the Earth! They are so beautiful. In Beautiful Frog, you can raise a sweet frog of your own! Hooray, what a wonderful concept!

We will discover how beautiful this frog game is after the hop!!!!!

The half hour

Beautiful Frog 02

In Beautiful Frog, you are given a sweet little young frog that you must raise from childhood! Every frog is of a unique name and breed that is randomly generated from a list. Right away, you must love this frog! Cherish it! The three things that all frogs do are the available options for them: to Hop, to Sing, and to Eat. If you are to hop, your little froggie will perform a glorious hop! If you choose to sing, the froglet will burst into a brief song! And if you eat, the precious frog baby that you are so charged for will find a delicious bug to consume!

Beautiful Frog 04

Every time you select to hop, sing or eat, a year passes. Then your frog hits a Milestone! It’s time for your frog to figure out some Adult Stuff. Your frog – such a tender thing! – can get work, enter a contest for leaping, or put on a most wonderful Frog Concert!
Each work path has a unique event associated with it. Working a Real Job can get you Human Dollars! A frog cannot use human money, but the accumulation of wealth is irresistable to any creature.
If they are to enter a Leaping Contest, their leaping skills will be put to the test! Watch the frog leap higher, higher every time! They are so good at this! Higher and higher, until they come tumbling down! You did your best, Frog.
And of course, your frog may simply sing their little heart out for a crowd. Your frog is a virtuoso! The crowd loves it! Encore, encore, my little frog!

Beautiful Frog 05

But no frog lasts forever. There is a toggle in the game’s options, at the title screen, that allows you to face the most worrisome problem ever encountered in frog ownership. If this toggle if flipped on, you will have to deal with the most heart-shattering tragedy known to man: Frog Death.

Beautiful Frog 03

Of course, this is disabled by default. No good person would want to stare Frog Death in the eye. If you are to keep this disabled, your frog will simply choose to leave your household and eke it out on its own as a grown Adult Frog – or perhaps go into hiding due to an unspecified scandal. Such is the way of frogs. But with Frog Death enabled, your frog can and will die at any moment. It’s harrowing, to have to know your beloved frog, your truest friend in the world, could die at any moment. But the added tension is delicious.

After the fact…

Beautiful Frog 06

There are interesting secrets to be found, but as far as gameplay goes, this is pretty much everything there is to do in the world of Beautiful Frog. We do not expect a little Twine game like this to demonstrate the full variety of life that frog ownership can provide you, but we must acknowledge this is a very tiny little game. Perhaps play this game in-between the minutes spent looking at pictures of frogs, or listening to frog sounds. We feel like you will be enriched.

Completable in half an hour: Yes, but keep replaying for Full Frog Experience
3 out of 5 – Worth Trying (Wouldn’t Play It Again)

Beautiful Frog is a beautiful game! We love Beautiful Frog and think it is the best Frog game out there! It is pretty much perfect as it is. We can only give this a 3 out of 5 due to its shortness – not that it is a flaw, but it is a pretty shallow game with only so much Frog Fun to be had. We are so grateful you came into our life, beautiful frog of Beautiful Frog! If only we had more time together.

Play Beautiful Frog for free on Porpentine’s personal website.

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