102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue | Licensed Landfill

102 Dalmatians was an awful snoozer of a film, so how is the video game based on it so frickin’ fun? This might be one of the best Disney licensed games period. Maybe that’s just because it’s an obvious Spyro ripoff.

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Gex: Enter the Gecko is so FUNNY it’s SCARY

Gex 2 was the perfect nightmare-filled game for us to play during the Halloween season, but we didn’t expect just how emotionally testing it would be.

Crystal Dynamics still owes us a response to our email.

Half-Life Cringe Compilation – the full box set

All of our Half-Life videos are now available for public viewing! That’s like, over 3 hours of content, daamn! Now including our Half-Life: Alyx playthrough, a fantastic voyage into virtual reality and eating inanimate objects. Give it a try if you don’t have anything better to do tonight!

The Licensed Landfill | Rugrats: Search for Reptar

Rugrats first aired on August 11th, 1991. It was the second ever Nicktoon after Doug and before Ren & Stimpy. Rugrats was the Spongebob or the L/o/u/d H/o/u/s/e of its time, the greatest Nickelodeon show of its era. It ran for 13 glorious years over 9 increasingly-less-glorious seasons with a grand total of 172 episodes.

Rugrats: Search for Reptar makes us wonder why.