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OCCULT: Daily Draw – Nine of Pentacles

Today’s card is the Nine of Pentacles.

A person wearing a robe decorated with a floral motif stands in their garden, where a bloom of pentacles have come in. They hold a hooded bird on their gloved hand, admiring the bird’s beauty.

The suit of Pentacles has a rather clear series of events towards the end of its cards. The Seven and Eight of Pentacles lead to the Nine, where the hard work and patience those cards portray is rewarded with a gorgeous garden in full bloom. Patience and dedication lead to riches. But what is most interesting in this card is the hooded hawk the wealthy one has on their hand: As it is hooded, it is clearly a trained bird used for falconry. This hooded bird represents the bondage that living in the conditions the Nine of Pentacles promotes comes with. Though you are wealthy, you’re still blinded by the desires of other people.