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CHATTER: Nano NaNoWriMo – Two Weeks In

We’re two weeks into Nano NaNoWriMo! How’s everybody doing so far with their writing?

Word count goals

Have you been keeping track of your word counts? As of the 14th, the minimum word count at 333 words a day is 4662 words!

If you’re having trouble meeting your word count goals, try to adjust how many words a day you’re writing to a level you’re more comfortable with.

Wrist exercises

No matter how far in you are or how many words you’re writing, you still should be taking care of your wrists.

Dropping out

With it being halfway through the month, now is a good time to consider if you’re going to be able to meet your goal.

You can consider omitting the daily wordcount entirely and just writing a little bit once a day. I don’t really think at this point that the goal has to be a book or even a finished product; I think it’s just a good excuse to have fun and participate with friends. (Come check out the Twitter hashtag sometime!)

But if you need to drop out entirely, you’re more than free to. Don’t worry too much about finishing your manuscript; if you feel like the stress of meeting your deadlines is sucking the fun out of doing Nano NaNoWriMo, just stop!

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CHATTER: Nano NaNoWriMo – End of Week One

We’re one week into Nano NaNoWriMo, so I figured I’d take you all aside to see how you’re doing.

I’m doing well personally. I was surprised to find that my comfortable daily output is 500 words a day, and I went ahead and bumped my wordcount because 333 was actually starting to bore me.

But I normally write professionally and this is a writing jam for fun, so you really shouldn’t be basing your output on mine. I’ll go ahead and talk about it a little.

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