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FOOD: Popeyes – Ghost Pepper Wings [Discontinued]

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings 01

It’s really hard to find truly spicy convenience food these days. The trend is picking up, but it never really matches what you can make at home or buy in a restaurant. Despite this, convenience food loves to continue branding itself as being continuous multiples of “dangerously spicy”, while the actual heat level never really rises above “uncomfortable”.
Enter the Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings. For $3.99, you can get six wings marinated in a blend of peppers, a buttermilk biscuit, and ranch dipping sauce. This sounds pretty good, but just how spicy is it? In this article, we’ll not only be discussing Popeyes’ newest promotional item, but also the history behind the much-feared ghost pepper. Read On…

CHATTER: Happy Holidays from Eggware!

Xmas Sonic 01

Even though Christmas Day may be ending tonight, we here at Eggware are so dedicated to the holidays that we will be celebrating them for an indefinite amount of time. Though this is partially because the Christmas sale season made us busy with our side jobs, this is also because we wish to share a little extra cheer for those who may not be able to celebrate the holidays, whether because of being busy or because of difficult home situations.
We hope that for those who were not able to have a truly jolly Christmas, we will help them feel the spirit of the season long after the day itself has passed.

For the next month and maybe more, we’ll be reviewing old holiday specials, reviewing seasonal food, and generally celebrating the spirit of winter. Up here at Eggware HQ, the winter doesn’t end very soon, so we feel that the end of the holiday spirit in January is unnecessary and abrupt.

Here in the Eggware household, Sonic and Tails have been very naughty this holiday season and we will be punishing them appropriately by forcing them to pose in our Christmas photo shoots. We hope you enjoy their misery. Read On…

FOOD: McDonald’s – McRib

Could it be that time of year already? That beautiful time of year, when the air takes a certain chill? Can’t you just feel the holly-jolly love in the season? It is! It really, really is the most wonderful time of the year! No, no, we’re not talking about Christmastime – it’s McRib season again! Yes that’s right – our lord Ronald McDonald has once again graced us with the McRib, the processed pork patty soaked in BBQ sauce, served with pickles and sliced onion. Now people who love fast food and people who hate their arteries alike find common ground, and it’s at McDonald’s.

Today, we’re going to delve into the heart of this sandwich… and the other offal parts, too. Read On…

GAMING: Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 – It’s Still A Mystery

In yet another surprising and somewhat baffling move from Scott Cawthon, has been updating over the last few days in ways that aren’t immediately visible or apparent.

Scottgames Offline 01

November 16 update (brightened)

On November 16, Scott had shut down his website, displaying only the header image and – in the center of the page – an image with the word “offline” printed on it. Brightening the image in an image-editing program revealed small text in the corner bearing the words “until next time”. (Many have noted that the alt-text on the image is “soon”, but every image on his site has had that alt-text attached for years now.)
There was a long lull in updates, wherein the fandom exploded with speculation: would this be another Five Nights at Freddy’s, or a new sequel to one of his older and less successful games? Would it be something new entirely? Was it even anything of note, or was it legitimately just Scott taking a break?

Scottgames Offline 02

December 6 update (brightened)

On December 6, the site finally got updated again. The offline image had been changed to display a large “3” in a corner, which was once again only visible if you brightened the image. In the page source, the meta tags had been changed to the words “five, nights, at, freddys, 30 years later, only one”.

Scottgames Offline 03

December 9 update (brightened)

Today (December 9), the offline image has been updated once again. The “3” is gone, but now (once again, only on brightening the image), you can find the words “Merry Christmas!” underneath the offline text. The tags have been changed to “five nights at freddys, taking a break, Merry Christmas everyone! :)”

We can’t know for certain if this really does confirm a Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, and we certainly can’t get too excited for the prospect of finding a Freddy Fazbear under our tree. But knowing Scott’s track record so far, we can look forward to quick and timely answers to our questions.

FOOD: Popeyes – Spicebox Chicken [Discontinued]

Popeyes Spicebox Chicken 01

If you’ve been keeping up with Popeyes news (rather than any of the many other things that are going on in the world right now), first off, good on you. I’m sure you’re a hit at parties. Second, you’re bound to already know that this month’s promotional special is the Spicebox Chicken.
If you’re not anything like us and feel like there are things more important than what America is eating right now, however, then we’re here to tell you that the Spicebox Chicken is a $3.99 special for chicken (thin strips of white meat, marinated and fried, tossed in a 12-spice blend), fries, a biscuit, and a spiced ranch dipping sauce.

In this review, we’ll be talking not only about how good this tastes, but also about some of the history behind the difficulties that fast food chicken restaurants have gone through. Read On…

FOOD: Burger King – YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese

Are you over the age of 50? Were you around the first time that bell bottoms were a fashion statement? Do you remember when the tracks on the oldies rock stations were top 40 hits? If so, you just might remember the Yumbo, a short-lived hot ham and cheese sandwich offering from Burger King. It had an official run in America from 1969 to 1974, but saw more time at individual franchises and overseas in places like Puerto Rico. Now, in December of 2014, Burger King has decided the time is ripe to re-introduce the Yumbo sandwich as part of their “2 for $5” sandwich promotion.

Like a lot of discontinued food items, the Yumbo has had a somewhat prominent following who remember the sandwich and want it back. Burger King has responded to their cries, but we have to wonder – is 40 years too long to really bring back a menu item with such fanfare? People who would have been around to taste the first version of the Yumbo would be well into their 60s by now, and while we won’t discredit the influence the over 50 crowd would have on Burger King’s decisions, it doesn’t mesh all too well with Burger King’s “cool, hip” image.

But hey, everything old is new again, right? Retro stuff is all the craze! Disco music and 70s fashion is still being re-invented today, so who’s to say that a 70s sandwich can’t be re-introduced? We’ll give the Yumbo a try, and see if it’ll be worth a revival – or if it should’ve been left in the past. Well, here goes… Read On…